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Webmail weirdness lately

Question asked by rkstocker on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by shaw-tony

Hi all,


Lately I (and my S/O) have noticed some "interesting" new behaviours in Webmail 2.0 (as of the past month or so):


  1. after I've sent an email, the "Sign Out" clicky (button? link?) no longer works. It looks like it's running a JS script but nothing happens and I don't get logged out. Some nuances:
    • if I hit the refresh on my browser, then the "Sign Out" clicky works as it should (i.e. it runs the script and I am logged out successfully)
    • if I don't send any email(s), the "Sign Out" clicky works just as it should
  2. every so often, seemingly randomly, a blank (no addressee, no subject, no content) draft seemingly spontaneously appears in my Drafts folder. I can't correlate its appearance with anything I'm doing in Webmail at the time. One or more such blank drafts can appear per session. I just delete them, but they keep appearing.


I've written to Shaw tech support about this but the reply I received claimed they had "refreshed" my email account (whatever that might mean) and contained such useful nuggets as "please clear cookies, reset the browser and update to the latest java to see if the issue will be fixed" and "regarding a blank draft email in your draft folder, please delete it and monitor it to see if it will appear again. If it keeps coming up, please try to reset your email password to see how it goes. Here is the instructions to reset the email password ". Yeah, of course it never occurred to me to keep Java up to date along with everything else on my system. And the fact that the blank drafts are appearing spontaneously in multiple, independent email accounts makes it unlikely that intrusion in the problem here.


I'm running Webmail in Firefox 42.0 under Windows with the 32-bit version of the JRE v1.8.0_66 and Java plugin SE 8 U66 (last updated on Nov 26, 2015).


Is anyone else seeing either/both of the weird behaviours I've described above? Anyone know what to do about them? Thanks in advance!