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Reasons NBA LP is not broadcasting games ?

Question asked by darkesha on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by shaw-brayden

I am subscriber of Shaw NBA LP for three years in a row. First year was the best since we got NBA LP log in we could use in browsers and iOS apps.
Second years was a bit worse due to fact that there were no more log ins, but at least Shaw TV was broadcasting majority (want to say 90%) games that weren't blacklisted in Canada.


This year we barely get one or two games a night (NON blacklisted ones) which is 20-30% of eligible games. If I could see that other channels were used for hockey or other PPV content I would be able to understand this situation better, but the way it looks like now I just can't trust Shaw to deliver what was expecting.


I am subsribed to NBA LP directly and am able to watch games/teams Im interested in through other means but I would like to raise awareness and let Shaw know I am being on hold to cancel my services that are making me eligible for this offer (dropping Sports pack).


I will continue monitoring guide and maybe sign up for NBA LP if situation gets better. As it's standing now - there is no point.