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Advanced settings for CGNM-2250?

Question asked by spanishearl on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by shaw-matt

We were provided with a CGNM-2250 router with our internet setup, and I'm trying to track down if there are better settings with more granularity for this router? Is there any sort of firmware upgrade?


The router is fine, but the settings are so basic. I need to be able to create rules based on mac address for limiting not just keywords, but websites (Teenage boy in house). I tested the so called parental control and I have to say that they leave much to be desired, and are easily bypassed. I work in IT Security, with a lot of knowledge of Checkpoint and Fortinet products, so I'm looking for something that is somewhat similar. I'm sure this router is great for people with limited knowledge, but only having the option to block keywords or the entire computer is not internet security. Having the ability to block websites, and/or applications would make this a little bit better of a parental control.


I've seen what I'm looking for in off the shelf routers, but this one doesn't come close.