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Only receiving 0kb messages using WIndows Live Mail / non-Shaw email account.

Question asked by silverjohn on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by shaw-tamara

I use a non-Shaw email account with a free net out of Vancouver to keep the email address I've had since the 90's.  I've had it set up to use on my Windows Live Mail since I started using Shaw as my internet provider two years ago and I've never had any trouble.


It was working fine until last weekend (the last good message I received on the 12 Dec 2015) but since then all I download are 0kb (ie empty) files.  I've checked with the free net and they've had no problems from their end.  I'm trying to track down the problem and I was wondering if this is an issue through Shaw or through the Shaw provided McAfee security program.


I use Windows Live Mail, Internet Explorer browser and I upgraded to Windows 10 about 2-3 weeks ago (no problems between the upgrade and last weekend) and I haven't changed any of my settings in the last few days.  Has there been some stealth patch recently that has reset some setting that I can't find?