Audio drops are back on Comedy (275) - Victoria

Discussion created by adiabatic on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by neme

Once again, audio drops are present on this channel.  I've been noticing them for several days as I've been watching the Big Bang marathon at random times.  I also thought I noted them a few days ago during a Premier League football game on NBC-HD 202.  Drops are present on both my Gateway and DCX-3400M although they're much less severe on the DCX (probably a AVR processing thing... Gateway is 5.1 to my AVR and the DCX is direct to the TV so on the Gateway I'm hearing the drop all around my head as the AVR struggles to decode the signal)... the point is, drops present at the same time on two different types of cable boxes.  Drops are reproducible on rewind, it happens just a few times per 30 minute episode.


I feel like I report this issue a lot.  Shaw staff verify the issue, it gets fixed, then it's back after a while.  It's getting quite annoying.