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Bufferbloat issue after Dec upload speed increase

Question asked by emkoemko on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by emkoemko

Before the Upload speed increase i had no problem with people downloading on my network but after the upgrade anyone downloading causes bufferbloat and the ping to go to 500+ms in games this was not a problem before the upload speed increase we got.


I am on the 120mbit plan i don't have any issues with the speed i get 150mbits on tests but once the speed hits 50mbps or faster i get like 1200ms of bufferbloat


my modem is the DPC3848V

its on bridge mode and i use my dlink router all was fine no lag issues ONLY buffer bloat i had was on the Upload side when someone would upload my ping would increase which was fine as no one really did much uploading but now its on the Down link side and its horrible


Can this be fix?