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The Fight Network on Free Preview ????

Question asked by bostonbob on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by bostonbob

I've made it clear before about how it drives me nuts when Shaw is slow to update their own website and it looks like they have done it again. I usually check the " News and Free Previews " page every couple of days so I can get a heads up on what Free Previews are available to Shaw customers. Today I see that The Fight Network is available ( Free Previews, Free Channels | TV - Shaw  ) but then I noticed that it is listed as having been on Free Preview since December 14th. It's just ridiculous that Shaw notifies us 8 days late that this channel is on a Free Preview. This kind of stuff ( along with the Vancouver listings for the 3 main TV packages not having been updated in 8 months despite a bunch of channels being added to Shaw's line-up ) should not be happening with a major company like Shaw. To me it reflects badly on a company when their own website contains mistakes or is way behind when it comes to updates.


I wish this was the end of my rant but it's not. Once I saw that The Fight Network was available on a Free Preview I tried to watch the channel but it was still being blocked so at this point I tried calling a Shaw CSR. Although very polite the Shaw CSR I talked to said she really didn't know why the Shaw site was only mentioning this Free Preview today and then she transferred me over to somebody at Gateway Tech Support. Now this is where things really get confusing - the person I was now talking to said that even though it clearly said on the Shaw website that The Fight Network was on a Free Preview he had nothing from any supervisor telling him that The Fight Network should be unscrambled for all of Shaw's viewers to watch. He did tell me that he could just add it to my account for only $ 3 a month but I told him not to bother since I wanted to use The Free Preview to check out the channel to see if I wanted to add it to my package. I used to get The Fight Network about 7 or 8 years ago but then they changed their programming and went heavy on MMA which does not interest me at all.


Can somebody here please clear up all this confusion and maybe tell me why Shaw customers are finding out about this Free Preview 8 days later then we should have ???? And maybe get somebody to please update the Vancouver version of the Personal, Premiere and Popular line-up pages. Rant over.