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Hello Shaw,



I've mentioned this before and I'm sure countless others have as well, but I think the topic deserves to be heard again.



Your customers need more Internet options.



Companies that provide traditional televsion broadcasting are in a heap of trouble with dwindling subsciber numbers. Entertainment (TV/movies) shows are available in ways that suit a consumers lifestyle. Content when they want it. With the upcoming mandate of 'skinny basic', revenue numbers are guaranteed to drop as subscribers will drop cable packages to the lowest available.  I'm paying $45 a month for basic and barely watch 3 channels as the rest don't have have content that engages me. Most of my viewing is Netflix, iTunes, and other online methods.



In reality, I can download 2 apps (Shaw Go and CTV Go) and stream them to my television and get 90% of my televsion viewing as I'm still a Shaw Internet subscriber. If I did that, that is $700 lost revenue per year. I'm only one household, but what if that became 1500 households? That's over a million dollars in lost revenue per year. 


As Shaw has clearly stated during recent price hikes, "increased Internet usage requires greater investment to ensure our infrastructure remains strong. In addition, the costs of delivering TV programming that our customers love is also rising". I get it and I don't need to be beaten over the head with this any more.  I want to move on and will once 'skinny basic' arrives.



Shaw cannot be so blind as to realize that their plans are not that great. The recent upload increase is nice, but the data caps are restrictive. The consumption of video over the Internet has dramatically increased and will continue with the gradual introduction of 4K resolution.  Didn't Shaw mention internet usage doubles every 18 months? How will Shaw handle that? Will you tell your customers not to watch anything in 4K to stay within the data cap? While I appreciate that Shaw doesn't charge for data overages, I believe it is time that Shaw offers data allowance packages to customers that want to pay for it.



Telus does it and it seems to be a good option based on the people I've talked to.  I like how they've structured the options: $x price for 50GB buckets to a maximum or provide a unlimited data usage  for a price (discounted price for bundle subscribers). And yes, that's another revenue stream!



I'd be more than happy to pay for options like this (if the price was reasonable) to keep from stressing about my families interent usage. Will Shaw finally step up to plate and offer your customers something that we want. I would love to hear if anyone else is interested.