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Help Setting Up Security DVR

Question asked by biglar on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by kevinds

Have brand new security camera PVR and need little help. There is a auto email function that when motion is triggered, PVR sends me an email.


Okay, PVR setup screen is asking me the following:

1/ SMTP Service: which I put

2/ Port: I put 25 as there is nothing on the screen regarding SSL settings. (or should it be 587?)

3/ User name: which I put as my shaw email minus the

4/ Password: which I typed as the password in my Windows Live email setup

5/ Sender E-mail: which would be my full shaw email address.

6/ Reciever of E-mail: again my self, full shaw email address

7/ Email trigger: motion selected


So I guess the question is item 2: 25 or 587? Or do you suggest an other changes or something different?


I tried several setting and still no email sent. The neighbours must think I'm nuts going out and waving at the camera everytime. The PVR motion trigger does work as I records the motion segment and displays a popup.


Thank, biglar