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PVR cut off movie prior to end

Question asked by dxer on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by srglasswick

My family and I just watched most of White Christmas, which we recorded off Hollywood Suite. It is a seasonal favourite for us. We missed the conclusion however, the recording ended before the movie ended. What is the problem here? The PVR? Not likely as we didn't have the issue with other movies. HS and the Guide - probably. But this shouldn't happen unless someone is careless. It is a classic movie and the time needed should be easy to program into the Guide. We have similar problems with other channels where the recording stops before the show ends. Other Guide problems include the wrong title for the actual movie broadcast. Frustrating to put it mildly. So, who is responsible for fixing this issue? It shouldn't be happening for programming with known time lengths.