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Font size and menu issues

Question asked by jcdoc on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by lf1851

I had an old digital PVR and was unable to get video on some channels due to the mp4 format issues. So we purchased the Gateway pvr to replace this. I am very disappointed with the guide and menu colors, font sizes on the device. The font is sooo small with the dark blue background that it is near impossible to see. The icon for which station you are looking at in the guide is impossible to see. I have seen menus on other systems that are so easy to see it is difficult to understand where this one comes from. Not sure who created the desing but they obviously have no idea about usability and functionality in a technological solution. Also the functionality to record programs, view what you have recorded or pending recordings requires a great deal of time and patience to use - even for someone who is reasonably technically savvy. What is more frustrating is seeing that it has been several years that in the support forums this font issue has been mentioned with comments of passing this along for firmware updates and apparently nothing has been done. Looking at other competitor systems is the only option long time customers have as this is a totally non functional system. Our initial thought of purchasing additional portals is out of the question.