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Apple iOS 9.2 and Shaw Email attachments with account type "Exchange".

Question asked by 1-800-bob on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by leeyaray

Our household has 3 different iPads and 1 iPhone,  each with different Shaw email accounts, all set up as account type Exchange". After upgrading to iOS 9.2 on each of them, attachments to emails in our Shaw accounts no longer funotion properly. Either we get an icon that is not clickable, or the correct icon, that when clicked, results in an error message stating "The attachment cannot be downloaded."

I spent considerable time discussing with Apple support, and we came to the conclusion it was the Shaw server. I called Shaw support, and this was news to them. They are going to escalate.

As a test, I set up my same account as a type "IMAP" on my iPad. Attachments behave normally in the IMAP account, but do not work in the EXCHANGE account.

I use Exchange to sync my calendar and contacts with my Shaw account, so it would be nice to have it working properly.


Has as anyone else had this issue?