Ridiculously slow Gateway

Discussion created by dciarniello on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by shaw-matt

The gateway has always been slow to respond but ever since the update that introduced the informational icons (year, rating, etc) and show poster, it has become ridiculously unresponsive. 


Whenever the guide is called up, it is often mostly, if not completely, blank and it takes 5-10 seconds (if not longer) before it is completely rendered.  Press the up or down button and this is repeated.  The guide also responds very slowly to key presses, whether it's up/down or channel entry, so that one often re-presses a key only to have the gateway responds to both and, for example, jump a page too far.  The rendering of a show's info in the guide is also slow with the guide repeatedly re-rendering the information making it difficult to read.


I appreciate that Shaw is trying to add more information but the Gateway is obviously not powerful enough to handle all this extra stuff.  From my perspective, I would rather have a responsive system with less "eye-candy" than an unresponsive system.