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Dead slow uploads DPC3825 Steveston

Question asked by diatom on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by shaw-harvey

Past week+ near-zero or timeout on speed test (SST & others) "upload" despite fast >120MBPS "download".

Bypassing local equipment (direct modem-PC connection) no help.

Kill anti-malware/firewall etc. no help; swap out PC no help.

Swap out ethernet cable no help.

Restart all devices no help.


All services underground; watermain replacement underway.

DPC3825 (bridge mode) lights look good.


Realistic suspects:

1. Bad service - overload (seems unlikely - very fast download speeds - 24/7 issue not peak-hours issue)

2. Bad service - watermain replacement damage

3. Bad modem - 13 months old.


Online chat tech support generated technician appt for 4 Jan.

Can't wait.  Cost immaterial.

Any place I can swap out the modem?  Buy a replacement that will work with Shaw?

Any similar issues where cause is other-than-modem?

Any other ideas?