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Personal TV and Sports 1 Overlap

Question asked by x917 on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by shaw-harvey

I am trying to figure out how much overlap is between the Sports 1 theme pack and the Personal TV package.


Looking at the Sports 1 theme pack, I see that it offers Golf HD, TSN 2, Sportsnet 360, and Sportsnet Pacific. Looking at the channels offered by the Personal TV package, I see that TSN and Sportsnet Pacific are also offered.


1) If I were to cancel my subscription to Sports 1, would I lose HD access to Sportsnet Pacific?


2) Does anyone know if Vancouver Canucks and Whitecaps games are ever broadcast on Sportsnet 360? Occasionally, the various Sportsnet channels get clogged up with other programming so the games get shifted on to other channels; I just can't remember if they've ever ended up on Sportsnet 360. I am in Vancouver, if it makes a difference.


3) I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out which TSN channels are offered by which packages. Currently, I have access to TSN 1 through 5, both in SD and HD. Do I get access to all five through the Personal TV package, or is TSN 2 exclusively offered through the Sports 1 theme pack?


Looking at the various theme packs and TV packages, it's just all very confusing and unclear as to exactly what you're getting:


Sports 1: "TSN 2"

Personal TV: "TSN"

Popular TV: "TSN", "TSN HD"

Premier TV: "TSN 1", "TSN 2"