HD Guide - Request: fix Favourites and/or replace bar with filtered Guide list

Discussion created by bcb on Feb 3, 2013
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I would like to request Shaw HD Guide development team seriously consider overhauling the current "Favourites" feature in the new HD Guide with the following two suggestions:

A)  either replace the existing horizontal Favourites bar completely with a "filtered" view of Favourites categories in the normal Guide list view, or add such filtered list as an option in the Guide view

B) either remove PPV titles from Favourites views, or at least give the customer the option to display or not display them in Favourites


Here's why:


- current Favourites bar shows too little useful information, as a horizontal overlay bar across the screen. Grid view can show so much more info than the bar.

- current Favourites bar only shows in the current time slot are shown - no ability to quickly glance ahead at upcoming shows in the selected category ie future time slots (peoplee want to record futures shows, not ones already half missed!)

- extra-cost PPV titles feature predominantly in the Favourites list.  but because of horizontal layout in the bar, it's hard to see any non-PPV shows in Favourites.


There are already 3rd party websites or mobile apps that can easily and quickly show Shaw cable TV programming guide listings with Favourites filtering (e.g movies, sports, etc). Although I never owned a Shaw PVR before the 3510, I notice some people mentioning the old boxes could do this? Why can't the lastest/greatest new HD Guide do this?


Just as a quick illustration, imagine how useful the HD Guide would be with a filtered view, similar to something in these following images


1. this is a 3rd party iOS app, showing channels in my Shaw subscription package (PTV+Best of HD), similar to what we might see in the HD Guide.



2. here's a filtered view of just the movies on the subscribed channels. You can easily see all movies on all subscribed channels, in current and future timeslots. SO EASY to at a glance identify movies I might want to watch or record, not just now, but at any upcoming time. 
Imagine if the HD Guide could do this!



3. here's a filtered view of just the sports programs on subscribed channels, for the same time period



4. now by comparison, here's the Movie Favourites view we get with the HD Guide, for the same time period as the examples shown above.  There are 8 PPV movie titles shown in the horizontal bar (and one UFC PPV event, why is that even there??).  You see NO movies on subscribed (already paid-for) channels - you have to scroll left 6 or 7 slots to the left before you find one. And even then, it only shows movies already in progress. Totally useless to help plan future recording opportunities with the PVR 



Question - what is the correct response to...


Most Shaw customers own a PVR to

a) maximize the viewing/consumption of TV shows on channels they are already paying for on subscribed channels, by timeshifting

b) maximize the opportunity to view extra-cost PPV titles




If you choose (a) I suggest you are a typical Shaw subscriber  (probably with an expensive subscription package)

If you choose (b) I suggest you are either a Shaw sales executive or Shaw shareholder wanting to maximize opportunities to increase revenue


if you can answer the above question honestly, I think you'll agree the current implementation of the Favourites does not really satisfy what customers want to make their PVRs truly useful.


On the Shaw webpage introducing the HD Guide, it says:

     "The Favourites feature on this guide goes way beyond your Favourite channels - it's the content you want to watch."

The current implementation severely fails to meet that promise.


Shaw - please consider fixing the Favourites feature to make it more useful!

thank you