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3510 PVR of recordings not showing (disappeared).

Question asked by larrydavid on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by shaw-brayden

On my 3510 PVR the schedule of recordings doesn't show. This happened after a reboot which I did because the schedule had been corrupted a couple days ago when 3 scheduled shows recorded properly, but also/stlll showed up in the schedule as recorded shows and couldn't be removed/deleted from the schedule. After the reboot, the whole schedule list disappeared. I've since rebooted 3 more times (both short and longer) but the schedule is still gone. Recording itself works - I have programmed new shows since which record properly (but never show up in the schedule screen). Series recording also works-shows record properly but they never show up in the schedule. The only way to tell a show ill record is by scrolling through the Guide which is not acceptable. WHat's the problem and what's the fix??