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will the pvr problems never end?

Question asked by cathywagner on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by cathywagner

So we made it till three weeks this time without another problem!  We were watching a recorded show when it froze up and wouldn't play the rest.  Then we noticed that the 2 programs that were recording stopped, red lights were gone.  Went into guide but couldn't get them recording again, then everthing was gone, just a black screen.  Had to reboot the box, but took so long we lost about 30 min of the recordings.. So we missed the first episode of Galavant, and we can't watch it onm on demand because it is only on abc.  So what will Shaw do about, I really want some compensation, when we are constantly missing shows because of this dumb machine, I want a free month or something to show that at least you have some concern for your customers, am going to check out another provider if you cannot find a permenant fix, because you haven't in 3 years!!!!!!!