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Remote does not power on / off the Shaw Gateway HD PVR

Question asked by docjay on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by rkguy

Hi everyone,


I just brought home a brand new Gateway PVR on Friday (Jan. 16, 2016) and the remote was not functioning correctly.  The first remote I had did not allow me to enter in codes for my TV or Audio Receiver.  Nor did it allow me to turn the PVR off or on.  Although, when I pressed the power button the little red Remote Sensor LED lit up on the front panel so It was receiving the signal.  I called Shaw and was told to get a new remote.


The second remote did allow me to enter in the codes for my TV and my Audio Receiver but still did not allow me to turn the PVR on or off.  After a lengthy service call with Shaw I was told that there was a firmware update that happened on Jan. 16, 2016 that removed the functionality of the remote to be able to power on or off the PVR.  I found that rather strange but the CSR explained that there had been too many instances where the TV would turn on and not the PVR or vice versa so they disabled the power on / off for the remote for the Gateway PVR to eliminate this issue.


This sounds plausible to me but I still find it hard to believe that the  power button doesn't work.  It's hardly environmentally friendly and it can't be healthy for the PVR to be on 24/7.  I fear it will drastically reduce the life of the device and increase my hydro bill. 


I had a co-worker try their Gateway PVR tonight (it's the same one as mine) and they are able to turn it off and on using their remote.  So I really have to wonder what is going on here.  Was there really a firmware update to remove the remote's power button functionality for the Gateway PVR?  If so, why does it affect me and not my co-worker who also lives in the same city as me?  Was I just told this to give me a reasonable explanation to get me off the phone as it had already been a lengthy 40 min call?


I'm wondering if I have a faulty Gateway PVR.  The power button is very difficult to turn on and off by hand.  It's mushy and you have to press it just right or it turns off and back on really quickly or it doesn't turn off at all. Do other's experience this when they power their Gateway PVRs on and off by hand?   It's definitely not the remote as I've had the same power issue with two remotes now.


Has anyone had any similar experiences or can they confirm that their remote does not have the ability to turn their Gateway PVR on and off?  Or can you confirm that you can turn your Gateway PVR on and off with your remote.