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Do i have fiber easily accessible?

Question asked by pharrow on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by kevinds

Hi im writing to find out about the possibility of of setting up a shaw fiber gateway. Currently i only have coax in my home but for the past few months ive been reading up on telecoms and how they do their cabling. Most do fiber to neighborhood then coax to homes. Well the fiber box in my neighborhood sits conviently on my front door step. No joke.


And to top it off it could reach my basement through the preexisting cable tube thats on the side of my house that the coax runs through.



With this information handy how possible could shaw setup a fiber gateway for my business. (Its a business ran from my home).



Also can other isps like allstream use this prexisting wiring? I read somewhere that isps share access to cabling structures....


The photo attachment is of my neighborhoods shaw access terminal.