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High Latency then Disconnected - Continuous Problem

Question asked by expendable on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by expendable

Hello all,

My problem once again started three days ago and sadly ive had this problem before many, many times for months but was finally "fixed" awhile ago but now seems to be happening again.


So whats happening is everything will be fine for a few minutes then all of a sudden my latency/ping shoots through the roof and shortly after I get disconnected. A temporary fix is to power cycle or sometimes I can just reconnect quickly but then the problem comes right back in a few minutes. It also does with this Netflix and Twitch as I can see my streams are running in 1080 HD then they drop down to really ugly 240 SD which then takes a minute or two to go back up to 1080 HD if I don't get an error. Google's homepage shouldn't take 10 seconds to load which is when I can also tell my connection has turned to garbage.


I've called tech support multiple times and every time they say that everything is green on their end and cannot offer any other help leaving me once again with garbage internet.


I've tried everything suggested by tech support (power cycles, direct connections, replacing coaxial, Ethernet cables) but they don't seem to believe me and treated me like i'm some kind of idiot. One even told me "Google high latency and educate yourself". I almost disconnected my service right there with that ugly comment.


I've run path pings, tracer routes and I even ran WinMTR to servers to see my connection and nothing is really showing anything except the odd 200-300ms spike. I've tried to saturate my line by running two HD Netflix stream, HD twitch stream and downloading files and everything works fine then out of no way, the whole network will disconnect without any lights going out from the modem and router.


Really want this issue finally solved please.