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Absurdly slow speeds, even worse customer service :(

Question asked by njsverde on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by njsverde

I've contacted support via chat and phone several times now since this past Sunday January 10th.  On Sunday, my internet speeds suddenly went from decent, to intermittently going from 240Kbps up to 15Mbps on a 100Mbps line.  On Tuesday the 12th I contacted chat support and he went as far as to say nothing can be done about this, my options are either downgrading my internet plan so I notice it less, waiting potentially years for an infrastructure upgrade, or as far as going with Shaw's competition as an ISP (I have shaw phone, tv, and internet for both my business and my residence).  I had a technician scheduled for the following day from an earlier call, so I left it at that.


At roughly 12:50am Wednesday morning, my phone, internet, and TV services went offline.  I sat on hold for tech support for 1.5 hours, at which time, a tech support agent told me that the infrastructure was being upgraded (hurrah!!), and that the node/server was being split so there would be two!  That was great news!  When the service came back up, my speeds averaged 120Mbps, which seems odd on a 100Mbps line.  I go to sleep, get up, and check my speeds before going to work at 11:30am.  120Mbps average.  Awesome.  I call Shaw and cancel the technician scheduled to come out between 4-6pm (as my wife is always leery of being home alone with our son and a stranger.  I get home from work tonight, and after putting my son to bed, check my internet speeds, and the issue from the previous several days is back.


I've talked to two different techs tonight, both extremely polite, and neither of which suggested the garbage that Kenneth did.  They still insisted that it is area saturation.  Why in the world are people paying for a service they aren't getting?  Why are you STILL offering 120mbps lines in the area knowing very well that when people actually want to use their services, that it will be FAR worse than the slowest speeds offered by your competition?  Why are "peak usage hours" between 4pm, and 1am in the morning... more the half the available hours in the day?


(I have a screenshot of the chat support "options")