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VOD connection error - is the service down?

Question asked by justus4 on Jan 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by shaw-phil

Hello...I once again am unable to watch VOD on my computer, despite a completely fine internet connection. I've tried multiple browsers, and logging out, logging back in. I get the message "Connection Error. Could not connect to VOD while connecting. Status: 0" with a link to "Reload page". Clicking "reload page" just cycles back to select 'watch on computer' and then the Connection Error again.  [also, that's a useless error message lol] 


What is up with VOD?  When i asked Customer Service about it once, the response was "yeah i get that too, sometimes I just have to leave it and try again later"...which kind of kills the idea of "on demand".