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Replaced Motorola SB5101 modem with Cisco DPC3825

Question asked by mlpullan on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by shaw-tamara

I was called by an autodialer yesterday telling me I should upgrade equipment and to call a toll-free number.  This put me to your Customer Support department.  The young woman who I spoke to advised me to replace my (older) Motorola modem with a new one.  She offered to have a technician do it for me but I felt I could do it myself, and picked up the device from the local Shaw Store.


The installation went fairly easily.  However, the new device is a combination router/modem, not just a modem.  In my house I have a fairly high end commercial router with 6 separate interfaces currently running three internal subnets, so I don't need any of the features of the router side of the Cisco.  Plus, now I can't VPN in to my network.  I note that the Cisco does have VPN capability itself, but this would require a layered VPN as once I got through the Cisco I'd need to then get through my own router, and I'd rather not have that layer of complexity.  Also, none of my port forwards can work as the lan subnet of the Cisco does not relate to any of my "real" subnets.  While I can set up forwards by NATing ip's and ports, this could be a lot of work (and for no additional benefit)  Furthermore, inasmuch as the Cisco wouldn't let me use special characters in the login password, I suspect that the security in my own router is somewhat stronger.


I've looked through the browser application on the Cisco, and can't find any way to bridge or pass through to my router.  That having been said, I note that my login id is cusadmin (likely for customer admin) with no way to add additional users, so I suspect that there is a higher level administrative account in the router that you haven't shared with me, so possibly the features I'm looking for are there but hidden from my account.


Ideally, I'd like to have the Cisco run as a modem and pass the dhcp wan address through to my router so I can use it the way I did with the Motorolla.  Is this possible?  How might I go about doing this?