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Question asked by dwonda on Feb 3, 2013
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I currently work for an ISP, and when we do speedtests for customers we use a variety of speed test sites and servers and our speeds don't vary a whole lot, they don't vary like Shaw...


I'm in Stonewall just north of Winnipeg, and sure if I do a speedtest and use the RainyDay server, or if I use Shaw's speedtest I usually get good results, 15-18mbps, and I am paying for the 20mbps plan. HOWEVER the speeds I actually get from internet usage absolutely DO NOT come near to reflecting these speeds. I have tested it by downloading multiple large files from Microsoft, which average at 200KB/sec. Most speed test sites show my speeds at 3-5Mbps. I switched from MTS dsl, but when I had MTS dsl, I could stream Netflix in HD no problem, I have been in contact with Netflix about this and after getting their techs to take a deeper look into the problem, they saw that I was only streaming at about 3-4Mbps which is NOT enough for HD. These speeds also reflect what i get from MOST speedtest sites and servers.


I understand Shaw doesn't offer support for Netflix but guess what, Netflix isn't an ISP, if they are seeing low streaming rates, there is NOTHING they can do about it, this is my internet provider's responsibility to give me the speeds I am paying for, I am not paying for high speeds to A server from SHAW, and Shaw does NOT host the whole of the internet, it doesn't make any sense to base INTERNET speeds off of that. What websites can Shaw actually guarantee my speeds for?  Because a speedtest on Shaw's website really doesn't mean anything for the overall internet experience. I do not understand why there is such a large difference between 1 server in Winnipeg, to another server in Winnipeg, or anywhere else on the globe for that matter.


What sites and services can Shaw actually guarantee my speeds to?


Is there anyone else out there who has BB20 and can stream Netflix in HD no problem?


You'll notice download speeds fluctuate quite a bit, upload speeds don't



Winnipeg Commstream:

Winnipeg VOI Networks:

Winnipeg Rainy Day Internet:


So here is my main point... What is the point in paying for 20Mbps, when the only time you see it is in a speedtest to a particular server? Because those speeds are not found ANYWHERE else when using the internet. These speed claims are a scam, its that simple, it is taking advantage of the ignorance of people and its not right. If I actually accessed anything hosted on this network I would be thrilled but that's not the case is it?


Just so everyone is aware, in a perfect world, if you were getting 20Mbps, when you download something, your download rate should be 2560KB/sec, but because I'm an understanding person I don't expect that, I only expect a QUARTER of that, and guess how fast that is? That would be 640KB/sec!!! I never see that, and right now I would be surprised if anyone on the BB20 plan does. Its wrong, I'm not paying for it, and either should you!