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Extended hours blank recordings on DCX 3510

Question asked by hyperfocal on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2016 by shaw-tamara

We have Grand Designs (CBC HD) set to series record. Many of the recorded episodes are blank with just a black screen with a status bar only. For these recordings, the status bar indicates a anywhere from 12 hours and up (~760 minutes for the latest one; more for some of the others) for the one recording. The box is no more than half full when this occurs. Pulling the plug doesn't change anything.


Back when season 15 (or, what the guide identified as season 15) of the show was airing - don't ask me for dates; I don't remember - every single episode was listed as having been recorded, with ep titles and all, however every single one of them was an extended hours blank recording. It's not been as frequent as that lately, however it's still happening: two episodes from last week were listed as recorded but in fact are blank extended recordings.


We've tried fast forwarding / skipping forward to see if the ep is somewhere later along the progress bar. We've only gone about 1/2 of the way along, because it is obvious there's something wrong even if the ep might be hiding at the end of the bar, and life is too short to sit there fussing around with 12 t0 20 hour progress bars.


There's a post in this forum from 2014 from someone who experienced a similar problem. No resolution indicated.

new existing-series-recording bug - 1 hr new episode recorded as 29 HOURS(!) 22min duration


Not overly thrilled with this box nor the guide, frankly. But the main issue right now is with these blank, extended series recordings. Anyone else reporting any trouble with recording this show?