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Question asked by boppinbobby on Jan 25, 2016
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After coming home from a prior engagement only to have half of my highly anticipated X-files season disrupted with a post football game post show I am reminded of in the "good ole days" we used to have Video plus (VCR plus in Canada) where you would enter a code and, regardless of if the tv show you wanted to record being disrupted by a sporting event/newsflash would record what you actually wanted to watch and not just start and stop at a pre determined time.


Seeing as now I have to set every hockey game to record 30 minutes extra as even regular scheduling doesn't cover the game I wonder why we have gone backwards in this department.

What with HD programming taking up so much space anyway I really could do without 25 minutes of show I don't need or want to watch plus can't delete until I have done with the whole recording.


With all this remote recording and technology why hasn't someone come up with the modern version of this idea? Seems to me these days you select a show you want to record as opposed to setting a time frame and a channel as you would in in the old days but in effect all you are doing is setting a time frame and a channel and not selecting a show to record.

I believe you could also set it to stop recording the commercials as well (at least in the UK where I grew up).

I know I can just stream last nights episode online but for me I wanted to watch it and had time there and then and now I have to reschedule a time to catch up.


Updated. I am told that the recordable satellite DVR (Sky+) in the UK has this technology so it must be possible. 


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