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Arris Gateway PVR No Longer Powers Down

Question asked by alc on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2016 by kevinds

When I turned on my system this morning I noticed that the Gateway PVR would no longer power on or off using either my Harmony universal remote or the remote that came with the PVR.


After spending some time with customer support and nothing correcting the problem the support person discovered that a software change had been rolled out recently (for me clearly some time last night) where the power button no longer responded to the remote and the unit was supposed to be left on a "power on" state. The reasoning behind this change is apparently that, when the television power is linked to the PVR remote, the two units will occasionally get out of sync (one powers up while the other powers down) and this problem was confusing some users.


It requires no discussion that a more brain dead solution couldn't have been found, coupled with the fact that this change was rolled out silently and has probably generated thousands of support calls. The support person told me they have already received a number of complaints about this change (ours was added to the list) and they are working on an actual solution.


I continue to shake my head over the usability decisions that are made with this product.