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New gateway... new problems.

Question asked by foonus on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by hbains604

At the recommendation of a Shaw tech support employee I went and swapped out my 2 year old HD receiver with a new Shaw gateway today, Really beginning to wish i hadn't.

After bringing the original unit home, hooking it up and attempting to have it activated online, the first agent was not able to activate the box, even though i had it on connection direct to line into house (let alone on cable that the old receiver was running on some 20 ft away from that).


It was decided to replace the box at the retail office and also get a new splitter from Shaw to attempt to eliminate any possible issues, contacted tech support once again and attempted to activate this new box... its now almost 16 hours later and it still does not work.

All this time on the same splitter unlimited 250 cable is running just fine as is the almost 7 year old receiver upstairs on a cable loop some 60 ft away from the splitter that this new one will not work on from 3 feet away.


As you can see the machine just will not take firmware updates (or at least hold them after they are applied), i can manually update them and it shows that it downloaded but on reboot again its not working. The Installer diagnostic screen still shows as below with the red "Last Attempt Failed" on most of firmware sections. The account info is also mostly blank, and the clock never has updated the time to sync correctly with the network. Note that  3 of the 4 upload bonds are not receiving any signal at all.. not sure if this is intended.


Need to have somebody look at this ASAP, agents suggested a network issue in my area may be to blame but i cant believe that network issue would last over half a day.