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TV signal disruption (Feb 5th)

Question asked by jnv on Feb 5, 2016
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Shaw cable TV was fine yesterday night (Feb 4th) but today (Feb 5th) all afternoon we've been getting black screens, pixelation, audio cutting in and out, and stuttering on all channels I've checked (BCTV, CBC News (ch26), Showcase (Ch39), Space (Ch45)).


Since it has just started happening, and has happened before (often on Space (Ch45) but eventual fixes itself), is there currently something wrong with Shaw's TV signal transmission strength near downtown Vancouver from Feb 5th, 1:45 pm PST to 3:20+ pm PST (and ongoing)?  And why would this issue keep happening?



We had our cable box replaced about 1 year ago.

Using the motorola digital to analog shaw box.

Have tried turning the shaw box on and off, unplugging it, adjusting the coax cables. NOthing helps.

And we are not using a splitter.


Oh, and the commercials seem to be coming in with less disruptions, then when the shows are on .