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Where do I complain about an inappropriate ad, broadcast on Shaw?

Question asked by chickenhawk on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by shaw-tamara

Aside from the Canadian Advertising Standards Council, where else do I complain about a completely inappropriate ad run on MUCH HD tonight?


I found it disgusting. I have friends who are RCMP officers in Sakatchewan. The day 4 people died in a school shooting in Saskatchewan, I had to watch a one minute ad from Canadore College running on MuchHD TV tonight at 10:00PM depicting panicked students fleeing a crazed killer in a high school.


How completely insensitive is it to run this ad! Not only did four people DIE today, but those are my friends who had to run TOWARD the school with the crazed killer.


Is there any way I can cancel or block Much from my cable package without affecting any other channels?


How can I communicate my disgust to Much TV?


Thank you.