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Node or Physical Address

Question asked by johnnynucleo on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by shaw-ken

I've always been curious about this.   Back in the day, to get cable hooked up, someone had to physically come and "hook" up your cable in a box that typically services about 4 homes.   Analog filters were applied depending on the package your ordered.


Nowadays, it's just a matter of have a digital receiver hooked up and activated at head office, where your programming package can be coded from the office.   Unlike the old analogue days, communication from the office and receiver is a two way street.   My question - Can Shaw determine the location of a receiver down to the actual physical address, or is it based on Node?   I would imagine at first it was just Node, but perhaps with the advance of technology in these terminals, they can in fact determine physical address of where these boxes are located (GPS perhaps, or something else)?  


How does it all work?  Not sure I'll get an answer?