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the new Gateway HDPVR not better

Question asked by hotepp on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2016 by red90

I just "upgraded" to the new Gateway HDPVR from the last model 2 years ago, and I must confess the menu options are terrible.

      -It shows every channel available and there is no way of knowing if I subscribe to it or not. Before on the old PVR box, only channels you subscribe to would show up so you are not clicking on a channel only to find you can't watch it.

     -Picking a movie from on demand or PPV requires that you look at each pick one at a time instead of just browsing a page of movies at a time.

     -If you record a series you do not have the option of only recording new episodes any more, It will record duplicate and older episode as well.

     -The new remote does not let you control other devices(such as my sound system) only TV and PVR box.

The only benefit the new Gateway has is now we can record 6 shows at once so there is that I guess.

I have spoke with support about these issues thinking maybe I could change a setting or something but No. According to support, they might bring some "new" features AKA "old features that were nice" in the future