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DCX-3510 can't search for titles containing a dash "-" e.g. X-Files

Question asked by bcb on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by bcb

hi, it's been some time since I've reported a problem in this forum, but here's an issue that's been bugging me a long time


When you use the Search function of the DCX-3510 (and for that matter I suppose the 3200 etc), you cannot search for a show title with a dash/hyphen character in it.

The search dialog box only lets you type in A-Z and 0-9 characters.


This is a problem for a show like "X-Files"

For example, there is a new series starting on Fox ch28 tomorrow 1/24 and Mon 1/25 7pm.

You cannot find them at all in Search.


I know I've bumped into other examples of shows I couldn't find in SEARCH with non a-z/0-9 in the titles in the past, but none come to mind at the moment...


Anyow, the problem with searching for X-Files is more of a problem because

- you can't actually enter the characters "X-FILES" in the search command

- if you instead search for "FILES" - the search fails to find the upcoming episodes of X-Files. (however it happily finds other shows with the word "FILES" in the title)

- you can't search for "XFILES" or "X FILES" (with a space) because those also fail to find the show

- you can't search for words that clearly show up in the episode descriptions or episode title, ("MULDER", or "SCULLY") - these searches also fail


so to summarize:


1) a fundamental design problem with the DCX, which doesn't allow you to search for titles containing non- A-Z/0-9 characters

2) perhaps a specific bug/problem failing to find the show X-FILES even when searching vaild sub-strings of the title.