Usage meter complete fiction for anyone else?

Discussion created by drdr00d@gmail.com on Jan 25, 2016
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Has anyone else noticed their usage bears no relation to what they've actually been doing?


I've been obsessively keeping track of my usage since I got a phone call about my usage a couple of months back. I'm paying for the highest tier of Internet. Four days ago I noticed I was at 600gb of my 800gb usage for the month which was alarming as I can't account for all that usage as we've not been using any bandwidth heavy stuff.


Now Shaw's meter is claiming that in the following two days after that I used 225gb! Yes, 225gb! I've been keeping very close watch on what has been going on and across my network and at best I can account for maybe 20gb of that? My wifi is locked down tight, there is nobody leeching off my network. No Netflix being watched. Possibly a few GB on 360p YouTube and some gaming. I'm basically trying to account for a magical 200gb chunk of bandwidth that according to everything my end is total fiction.


I've noticed spurious numbers before on the usage but this is ridiculous! The fact we have usage caps at all in 2016 is outright consumer hostile (not to mention unjustified), especially for what we pay for Internet compared to the rest of the world. To then have the meter basically be little more than some Lovecraftian random number generator is just ridiculous.