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Gateway XG1V3 power consumption

Question asked by tmryan2 on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by kevinds

I attached a power meter to the Gateway hdpvr to check its power consumption when on (blue light) and in standby mode (red light), and there was NO difference! The meter showed a draw of 20W in both cases. The hard drive never powers down in both cases. I then left it overnight to see if a few hours of inactivity would eventually get the hard drive to power down - nope! The meter shows a constant 20W. Note that 20W is like having two 60W-equivalent LED light bulbs on 24/7.


WTF Shaw!!! You designed a system with a fake power button that only changes colour, and never really puts the unit into a low power Standby mode? I realize that the unit needs to update its guide info periodically, but could you not push the update at a set time each day, and have the unit go into low power mode when it's not recording, and no one is watching tv?


Get with it Shaw, you need to fix this.This is unacceptable.