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Shaw Direct rates going up, service quality going down

Question asked by chris.heavyshield on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by shaw-vikki

My bill went up 4% as of Jan 1, 2016. I've spent over $5,000 on my satellite TV bills over the past 4 years. I reduced my package to the digital lite package. now I am paying $50 per month for very little programming, even less HD programming. I tried to initiate a chat to discuss it as well as this "multi-receiver charge" and after waiting to finally connect, I get transferred because I'm a shaw direct customer. Then it wants me to wait another 14 minutes to chat. Does anyone else notice that whenever you want to talk to someone about adding services or making payments, the service is instantaneous, but when you need questions answered or are dissatisfied with the service, you have to wait to speak with someone?