Negative feedback for DCX3510-M PVR features like pause and ffwd

Discussion created by michael_carlione on Jan 31, 2016

Since the support site and forums lacks user friendliness (can't locate a feedback form or feature request for HD boxes), I am forced to start a new thread.


I imagine Shaw employees are very familiar how the labyrinth of these forums and topics is placed, but for the often frustrated and impatient end user who tries to find a solution or posts a concern, this only adds "fuel to the fire.


This evening, I went to use my old faithful  DCT4611 PVR. It's on it's way out, but at least it has one basic and beneficial functionality: the play or fast forward, rewind bar disappears after just a few seconds after being used. This is in complete contrast where the DCX3510-M takes almost 10 seconds to remove itself from the screen.  One should not have to press EXIT on the remote to have it disappear. It should disappear in one or two seconds like the 4611 does.  This is from old technology. One can no longer rationalize that the new boxes download and use more data. If that was the case, you add a faster CPU and more RAM to offset this.  Essentially, you either don't upgrade the software or you use the same software that runs well older models.


I understand that Shaw has developed it's own "in-house" firmware and guide.  This is akin to Apple ditching Google Maps and creating it's own. Sure, some people might still use the native map app, but it's full of flaws and nuances and it drives people to use a third party app.  The same is true with Shaw. Shaw is not only horrible in the customer retention department in keeping existing customer, they are giving more ammo (reason) for their customers to ditch Shaw TV and stream media or use another platform to watch tv.


Shaw is much like Samsung, it knows very little about software and causes the user to suffer for deficiencies.  While nothing is perfect, it seems that Shaw these days is becoming less innovative and introducing more bugs (or not addressing old ones) in their software or neglecting their software and the overall user experience. This forum is a perfect example.  It forces people to visit third party forums and post their concerns there instead of the [Shaw] site.