The Digital Highway is congested before it gets to the destination

Discussion created by techid1 on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by corbin

We can think of the internet as a digital highway.


I see that reasonably frequently, the 250 mbps connection I pay for is giving me 250 mbps when I do a speed test.  Sometimes it is 120, sometimes it is  220, but I now get 250 or a little above.


The problem is that Shaw, as my ISP, is responsible to provide the highway past Shaw's data center.  It is actually supposed to go to THE INTERNET.


I go to, which is in Seattle, and I never get anywhere near what I am supposed to get.


I am sure Shaw will say "they are not responsible" but my point is that the Shaw highway that is the "last mile" to the internet is getting worse and worse.


I got 69.05 mbps on the Seattle speed test.


So I can test Vancouver, Edmonton, etc. and get not too bad speeds.  But that's not where my "internet" needs are.  I am actually paying for "internet access" not a closed network within Shaw.


So let's get the rest of the road built so it isn't so overcrowded.   This has been going on for years not.  Fix it please.


Thank you.