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CSGO Routing issues and BufferBloat

Question asked by imckay_ on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by imckay_

Hey there, I play a game called CS:GO in the second highest league you can play (esea-premier).


I've recently been experiencing routing issues to ESEA servers located in Denver and Illinois. I used to ping about 60 to Denver servers and 40 to Illinois ones. However about a week ago my routing changed significantly and now I'm pinging 80 to both locations. I'm also experiencing ping spikes from 80 to 120, they don't last long but it still seriously affects me.


In addition to this, I've been experiencing a large amount of bufferbloat. This is probably the cause of the ping spikes. I'm using a router with OpenWRT and SQM enabled to control bufferbloat, and before a week ago I would get A ratings at DSLreports and experience no ping fluctuations when playing. However as of a week ago, my Bufferbloat rating on DSLreports is anywhere from an F to a B depending on when I test it.


I've tried the following:


- Powercycling modem/router

- Changing queue disciplines (I've used fq_codel, PIE, codel, SFQ, and even Cake)

- Changing queue scripts to match with my qdiscs

- Flashing to different builds of OpenWRT including trunk builds and optimized builds

- Experimenting with different speeds for up/down. The only time I see major improvement is when I limit myself to 10 down. I have BB50, but even at 25 down I see major bufferbloat.


I have the DPC3825 in bridged mode. There are no other clients on or using the network aside from myself and my girlfriend, and when testing my ratings I've unplugged her internet and still get the poor results. When I plug directly into the modem I still see the exact same ping fluctuations and bufferbloat ratings. Here's a link to a screenshot of my speedtest results while plugged in directly to the modem:


And here's the pastebin of my WinMTR results while plugged into the modem directly:WinMTR Direct Modem CO -


I'm pinging a Denver server, which used to be 60 ping average and 70 at worst. Now my average ping is 80 and I'm getting ping spikes of 100+. This was only run for a short amount of time too, if I run it for longer the spikes will likely be quite a bit higher.