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So-so ping in Rocket League

Question asked by jmacdoug on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by shaw-brayden

So I've been having pretty underwhelming ping in Psyonix's popular game Rocket League, ever since I moved across town and upgraded my Shaw plan. I've been unable to pinpoint the cause as of yet, so I'm hoping you nice people might be able to at least point me in the right direction.


On US-West servers, I routinely see a ping in the range of 90ms to 130ms depending on the particular server, time of day, whatever else might affect that. Based on my previous experience playing Rocket League, I should expect latency in the range of 20ms to 50ms on those same servers. Interestingly, on US-East servers I usually get a ping ranging from 70ms-110ms or somewhere around there. I'm in Victoria, BC, by the way. Routing problem?


My setup from wall to PC (or PS4-- I have Rocket League on PS4 as well and see similar results), with Shaw Internet-60, is as follows:


Hitron CGNM-2250 (NOT in passthrough mode; TP-LINK router is connected as a regular client. Wireless functionality on this unit is currently switched off)


TRENDnet Powerline 1200 AV2 ethernet powerline adapter (introduces a slight bit of latency, but nothing like what I'm seeing. I have bypassed this in testing with a long ethernet cable, and see similar results)


TP-LINK Archer C7 Wireless AC1750 Router


Any ideas or similar experiences? I know that's not much information, but I can provide any traceroute/ping/packet loss figures that might be needed to sort this out. So far I haven't noticed anything super obvious, but truthfully I don't really know what I'm looking for.