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Question asked by spiritwest on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by shaw-brayden
Using a Cisco 3835 Phone modem hooked up to a Cisco/Lynksys router               


My Win 7 PC says it cannot connect to "BlahBlah" (my home network). And when I try to connect to the internet using an open network - it still can't connect to the internet (although my Win 10 laptop can use this same open network and access the internet). I have tried everything I could find - like ipconfig flush, reset v4 and v6, reset winsock, etc. - including fixes that I downloaded from Microsoft and another site for a winsock fix. I have reset the modem, router, etc. and I can't even open my router by typing that IP address into the browser bar. Any help would be appreciated...


At the moment I am completely backing up my files, in anticipation of going to Win 10 - maybe that will solve the problem..