Dealing with the PVR recordings list

Discussion created by technut on Feb 23, 2016
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The Gateway menu system/GUI is full of poor design decisions. The PVR section is one of those problem areas.


I have a reasonably long list of recordings on my Gateway and it's a pain to scroll through it. Arrowing up/down one at a time is slow, but if you hold the arrow button down longer then the list goes by toooo fast (unless you have the reactions of a teenage gamer). The other buttons you might instinctively hit to try to page through it (next/back or even skip/replay) do nothing.


- Use the Channel down/up button to page forward/backward by 7 items at a time. Nice un-intuitive idea to hit Channel while looking at a list of recordings (instead of next/back). Brilliant.


Another issue with a long list is getting back to the "Scheduler" item.  When you hit the PVR button on the remote (or Menu button) you end up in the middle of your list (wherever you left off). You then have to scroll through the list to find the important "Scheduler" function. Why is this buried in the list of programs in the first place? It should be a separate menu item!


- To quickly jump to the "Scheduler" item press the PVR button then left arrow then right arrow. An even better trick that works for me (using the Shaw remote) is to press the PVR button three times quickly.


Another peeve of mine is the mess of sub-items after you hit OK on "Scheduler", but even worse is the PVR "Options" item that requires 3 presses of the OK button just to get down to a menu level that actually DOES something. Who designed this Option menu... Rube Goldberg?? Couldn't the first press of OK just take you to a menu with the 4 sort options immediately available? Title ascending, Title descending, Date ascending, Date descending... it could be so simple!! 


And stop telling me that I won't have space to record everything I want to schedule. Obviously I plan to watch some items and then clear them off before my new recordings come up in 3 days from now or whatever. The non-Gateway PVR's aren't such nagging nannies about space... they know I'm not stupid... why does this PVR assume I'm only ever going record stuff and never watch it?!


I lose my patience with this stupid Gateway menu system on a daily basis. Shaw, what is taking you so long to switch us all over to the Xfinity menu system?