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Shaw Spam Filter is flakey

Question asked by georgelangley on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2016 by georgelangley

The Shaw Junk Email filter is FLAKEY and we need to solve this problem.

I send a legitimate weekly Newsletter out, using the MailChimp email service, following all applicable CASL requirements and proper email protocols (opt-in, unsubscribe mechanism, full identification, etc.). I sent a test email (through MailChimp) to my Shaw email account last night and I received it no problem. I sent the SAME email to the full list (7,731 subscribers) a few minutes later, and this time Shaw flagged it as spam!

Note that it was NOT flagged as spam by any other ISP - Telus, GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo all sent it no problem.

I just resent it again this afternoon to just subscribers with a Shaw email (1,800 subscribers)  - exact SAME email and it was NOT flagged as spam this time... what the heck?

SERIOUSLY, you need to remove your filter, and just flag anything you "think" may be spam as suspected spam and SEND IT!

What's even more ridiculous, is that the number of false positives that I get every day (ie. legit email you think may be spam) is the same as the number of actual spam that you failed to flag at all! So what's the point of a filter if it's that flakey?

THE REAL PROBLEM - your default setting is to kill anything that is suspected as spam. So who knows how many legit emails you are killing, that your customers do not even know they didn't get? As I said, flag anything you think is spam and send it, and let a real thinking human being decide if it should be deleted or not.

A reply is requested, because this is a serious problem and needs to be solved. (And because I did not receive a reply to an email I had sent to Shaw support that last time this happened.)