New HD PVR DCX-3510-m

Discussion created by kenali on Feb 25, 2016
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I just recently cancelled my cable provider from Telus to Shaw mainly because Shaw offered ShawOpen wifi accessible almost every where I go.


Anyway, my question here for this HD PVR DCX-3510-m is I can't get it to do series record.  Example, I want to series record in Fairchild HD2, K9 Cop at 11:30am, so I set my series record from that channel at that time, pressed ok, it bring me to recording page, then I set for series record then pressed ok, it bring me back out to tv screen.  After this set up it should record this series in this time everyday right, but instead I only got recorded only 1 series, the next day series is not being record nor show red dot on the channel.  Please help, if I can't get this matter solved I mind as well go back to Telus.