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High ping to western Rocket League servers

Question asked by shawckz on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by shawckz

I live in Alberta.  In the game Rocket League, I get extremely high and inconsistent pings to their US-West servers.  Sometimes even giving me lower pings to their US-East servers, which doesn't make sense.


I'm guessing this is some sort of a route issue.


I am connected to the internet by wiring an ethernet cable directly from my PC to my shaw router.  It's not my PC, or my network card/driver. 


I attempted to run a tracert to the servers (attempted to find ip to a RocketLeague.exe server while connected to one via netstat) - here are my results (trace at the bottom):


I've been having this issue for a while.  Even had my internet upgraded in an effort to fix this, with no improvements.