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Cisco DPC3825 Wifi issues - still!

Question asked by jgilchuk on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by shaw-tamara

I have had wifi (and ethernet wired) connections for ages with my laptop.  I have a Cisco DPC3825, and have had it for over two years now.  It was fine at the begin and noticed at the least in the past year, connection issues where it drops.  I have contacted Shaw before and told it's my computer that has the issue, and the internet is fine, because my smartphone connected no problem.  I think this is a total wrong answer, wasn't happy, and have remained this way with the drops since.  Shaw has a monopoly in my condo complex, as MTS is not offered, and that is totally fine, except for the fact that when you look at the available wifi connections, a list of at least 16 wifi connections nearby (ranging in five to two bars of signal) .... hence very congested.  I live in a newer-build, apartment style (two floors) condo building. It is not concrete floors either.

I have tried the changing channels thing in the past, no avail.  I was told basically I had to keep my modem because I would have to pay extra if I wanted a different one, that has dual-band frequencies, after inquiring about it..and that was after reading about others in these forums who have had wifi drops as well, in similar situations.

I couldn't go and take my laptop via wifi into the living room to use as it sometimes would drop.  I have tried moving the modem as well, but now that I have TV, that connection from the wall is not available. 

Yesterday I find out from my neighbours that they had to upgrade to a higher internet package to get the dual-band modem/router, and is much better for them now.  The connection and speeds I have now (Highspeed 25/30) are perfect for what I need, when they work properly, so I don't need to upgrade to Highspeed 60 or whatever the next up is. 

I am just frustrated because I would like to take my laptop into the other room to use it, or watch stuff on it, but often find myself having to keep it hard-wired connected to the internet, rather than being able to use wifi.

What can I do?