Hardwire PS4

Discussion created by b-dizzle on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by purche

Hey I'm experiencing tons of disconnects and lag in wi-fi, I've done speed tests on my PS4 a few times and most of the time I'm running on 6mb/s on my 25mb connection (occasionally 11 mb/s).  I even made sure nobody is using my Wi-Fi and turned off cable and my computer, I also changed my Wi-Fi channel to a less congested one but it doesn't seem to help.


I've been told to hardwire my PS4 to get better connection and speed.  The only problem with that is my PS4 and TV is about 15 - 20 feet away from my router which is near my computer.  I was told by a few of my friends that are on Telus that they can hardwire their PS4 from their cable box.  I tried to connect an ethernet cable from the TV cable box to my PS4 but I can't set up a connection (failed to detect connection).  Am I able to hardwire my PS4 from the cable box?  If so, how would I be able to do that?  If not, how can I hardwire my PS4 without the router?  I don't want to move my router from my computer as I don't have a wireless card on my computer.


Any suggestions would be great.