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Why does my TV screen go black for a few seconds?

Question asked by debrajackson on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by debrajackson

Two days ago a Shaw technician came to check signal strength and brought a new portal for my Gateway system. When he was at the back of the TV, he said something about the cables being set up oddly (I had a splitter installed by Shaw). I have only a Panasonic Viera plasma TV, two Arris components and a Sony DVD plasma connected. After he spent a good 15 minutes behind my TV, he came out and set up the Arris 2150. I didn't question or check what he did back there. He also left us a new remote which he synced with my TV and Polk soundbar. I had to call Shaw the next day to resync all that because I had no access to volume through the new remote. They guided me through that process and now the sound is fine.


For the past two nights, the TV has gone black for a second or two after a sharp crackling/hissing sound several times. I

can't remember what we were watching last night, or if it was live or a recording. Tonight it cut out for a few seconds about five times over the course of two minutes during a playback of the Canucks game.


I find the timing odd. Could it have been something he did regarding signal strength or adding another splitter to accommodate a third line? Or could it be the new hardware? What about TV settings that he had to set up?