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Cisco dpc3825 router Mac Filter

Question asked by ilubcakez on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2016 by ilubcakez

When I went to the configuration place I saw 2 Mac filter sites. One is under Access restriction ---> Mac address filtering the other is under Wireless ---> MAC filter. I've notice other MAC id on my DHCP Client table other than the devices i own, so I tried enabling the MAC filter under the wireless tab. This method worked on my cell phone and computer(blocking them off). After 20 min or so, I went back to check the DHCP table and found that one unknown address had disappeared but another one had appeared. Also, these few MAC address only shows up on the DHCP Client table but does not show up on the Wireless Client list provided on the Mac filter site. I wonder what the differences are between these 2 sites for mac filter.